Euro Trash Collective Insaurance Simple Life Insurance Protecting life after yours

Simple Life Insurance Protecting life after yours

Have you thought about what would happen to your loved ones if you died or became terminally ill? With Life Insurance, you can give them some financial security with a one-time lump sum – from XX per month.

Why get life insurance?

Leave a legacy

Insuring your life means that you can still be a part of your loved one’s future – even if you’re not here. Whether it’s paying for university fees or making sure the mortgage can be covered, you can still support them if you die.

Losing someone is difficult, emotional and stressful. Making sure your loved ones could pay any debts or expenses and carry on their everyday life means they’d have a little less to worry about.

It’s your life

Life insurance isn’t just about other people’s lives – it’s about yours, too. As well as the comfort of knowing your loved ones are protected, there’s also the comfort of knowing that if you become terminally ill, you’re also protected.

You’re in control of how much cover you want to leave, how long you want to be covered for and, if your circumstances change, it’s easy to change your policy. Just start with what you can afford.

How it works

Buying life insurance is easier than you might think. All you need is a little bit of research and the right support – and we’re here to help you through every stage of the process.

Before you get your policy

  • Do your research for all type of life insurance plans, we can help you choose the right policy for you
  • If you don’t know how much cover you might need, use our cover calculator tool to get a good idea
  • For an in-depth look, read the Policy Book or contact with Us
  • Read our commonly used terms and words to get to grips with life insurance language

Once you’ve decided which policy is right for you, you can get a quote, apply and buy. Here’s how it works.

Step 1  – Quick quote 
Answer four questions to get an initial price – you can adjust the cover amount, monthly cost or duration until you get a quote to fit your needs.

Step 2 – Application
We’ll ask you for details about yourself so that we can complete your application.

Step 3 – Decision and buy
You’ll get a decision along with your final monthly price (in most cases it’s immediate). If you’re happy, you can buy it.

After you get your policy

Whatever happens next, we’re here to help. You can

  • Amend your cover if your circumstances change, or get an additional policy
  • Cancel your policy, before the end of term or before you make a claim
  • Submit a terminal illness claim
  • Consider getting a new policy after this one ends

Or, your loved ones can

  • Submit a claim if you die before the end of your policy

Things you should know

What’s covered

Death: You’ll be covered if you die before the end of your policy

Terminal illness: If you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and you’re expected to die within 12 months, the policy will pay out at no extra cost. We’ll need verification from your hospital and our medical team

What isn’t covered

Incorrect information: If you don’t answer our questions honestly and in full before your policy starts, we won’t pay out

Suicide: If, within the first year of the policy, you die and your death is caused by suicide or intentional and serious self-injury, you won’t be covered

Six reasons to choose our life insurance

  • It’s level-term, which means your cover stays the same throughout the life of your policy
  • You’ll always know where you are – your monthly payments will stay the same for the life of the policy, unless you make any changes to your cover
  • You choose how long you want to be covered – between 5 and 50 years (it must finish before your 90th birthday)
  • Your policy includes Terminal Illness Benefit at no extra cost, which means the full amount will be paid if you’re diagnosed with a terminal condition
  • You can make some changes to your policy without having to go through further medical questions
  • You’re in safe hands – our partner, Legal & General paid out 98.3% of life insurance claims in 2017

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